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Urban Construction

Meet Our Team

At Natech Group, our greatest asset is our team of dedicated professionals. We take pride in the diversity of skills, expertise, and experience that our team members bring to the table. Here's a closer look at our team and the key roles they play in delivering construction-focused engineering excellence:

For Natech Group, people is at the heart of challenges and organizations. The diversity of cultures and professions has been a source of pride for the company from the beginning. That is why we are committed to supporting our employees and helping them enhance their skills throughout their professional journey.

Recruiting Locally and Providing Regular Training, Promoting Diversity Including Minorities: an Approach for Employee Development and Improved Productivity at Natech Group.

By emphasizing local recruitment and continuous employee training, we aim to advance both men and women, as well as minorities, within our company. This approach allows us to keep up with market technological advancements while enhancing productivity.

Encouraging All Talents

Over the past years, we have made significant efforts to improve the training of our workers.

Our policy explicitly focuses on optimizing skills management and knowledge transfer. We are committed to fostering an environment conducive to continuous learning and talent development, promoting diversity and inclusion at Natech Group.

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Yves Nadie

CEO, Chief strategist


David Yoon, P.E.

Structural Engineer


Jerry Fisher, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


Diariba H.B. Kara

Head of Communication


David M. Lawrence, AIA,


Consultant Architect

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